Historia Ilustrada de Granada y la Alhambra


The Tales are full of wit, but also respect towards the main characters, objects and places that he got to know during his stay in the Alhambra palaces.   The book, titled The Alhambra originally, competed with the author’s other works, History of New York and The Sketch Book, up to the point that occasionally these books have shadowed the Tales. However, artistically speaking, the Tales are superior to any other work by Irving.

No other author was capable

of describing the charm and

magic exercised by the


Many artists have

visited the monument,

but none of them has

helped to immortalise

the Alhambra as

Irving did.

The UNESCO declared the Alhambra and the Generalife World Heritage Sites on 2nd November, 1984. Five years later, the Albayzin, the most charismatic neighbourhood in Granada, was added to the list. Some years ago, the Alhambra was also candidate to enter the list of the New 7 Wonders of the World, but surprisingly it was not selected. Anyway, so much has been said about the uniqueness of the Alhambra, about its rooms, nooks and gardens, and so widespread its fame is, that even legends contribute to its greatness. Washington Irving’s work is a good example of this.