Characteristics of my artwork

*  History sees at the same time as it is learned.

*  Approach to the History of an agile and pleasant way.

*  Directed to all the public, to children and young people

    (as much material didactic), like a adult and people majors.

  1. * They allow an identification and participation of the citizens

    with his origin place, learning and recognizing the places,

    monuments, urbanism, personages, events..

   I am a Spanish illustrator, specialized in the historical illustration.

I preside over a small publishing house in Murcia, Spain. In order to understand our Past, customs, daily language and activities... it is essential, and exciting at the same time, to approach it to our History, to understand who we are, and which is our projection. With this intention, Pedro Hurtado works in the creation of new publishing ammunition to disclose the History of the cities, to the facts and experiences that everyway survive in our collective memory. Starting off of the creativity, it is tried to shape the old reality of a rigorous form and faithfully documented, reflected mainly in existing documents and the present archaeological rest that day to day remember and reveal a past to us not so distant.

Recorrido virtual por la historia de Lorca, ciudad centenaria, referencia del Barroco y perla del patrimonio artístico histórico de la Región de Murcia. Nos propone una perspectiva visual, moderna y atractiva, con docenas de ilustraciones a todo color, creadas para conservar y dar valor a la memoria histórica de la Ciudad del Sol, testigo de los acontecimientos más excelsos del Sureste ibérico.

Virtual journey through the history of Lorca, a centuries-old city, landmark for the Baroque period and one of the jewels of the artistic and historic heritage of the Region of Murcia. The author provides us with a visual, modern and appealing series of full colour illustrations to help us keep and appreciate the history of the “City of the Sun“, witness to the greatest events in southeastern Spain.

Granada & Alhambra Illustrated

The Tales are full of wit, but also respect towards the main characters, objects and places that he got to know during his stay in the Alhambra palaces.

The book, titled The Alhambra originally, competed with the author’s other works, History of New York and The Sketch Book, up to the point that occasionally these books have shadowed the Tales. However, artistically speaking, the Tales are superior to any other work by Irving.

Illustrated bilingual book

The Muslim conquest

18th century coastal defenses

Elvira´s Kingdom

Assault on the Castle

Iberians in Granada